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Safe and Legal Medical Termination of Pregnancy at Chennai Abortion Clinic

Termination of Pregnancy at Chennai Abortion Clinic

Indian legislative allows a woman above 18 years of age to legally terminate her pregnancy for up to 20 weeks of gestation through a qualified and registered medical practitioner. In spite of the latest amendments to the MTP Act, unwritten and unsaid prejudices follow an unwanted pregnancy in most cases without any legal or medical support towards the decision to terminate a pregnancy. A large number of pregnancy terminations do not happen within medical centers because they lack the facilities to do so. Women wanting to terminate a pregnancy often seek unsafe and illegal abortion services outside health facilities even if they may want to take the safer and legal option.


Circumstances that qualify for medical termination of pregnancy

Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) is the safest method of terminating a pregnancy. Early stages of pregnancy that are within 9 weeks of gestation can be terminated with the help of medicines and for pregnancies more than 9 weeks the surgical process is needed. Medical termination of pregnancy is legal if the length of pregnancy does not exceed 20 weeks of gestation. Legally, only the consent of the pregnant woman who is a major, is needed for the registered practitioner to terminate the pregnancy. MTP act allows for medical termination when:

  • The pregnancy involves a risk to the life of the fetus
  • The continuation of the pregnancy is a risk to the pregnant woman or causes grave injury to her physical or mental health
  • The pregnancy is caused due to rape
  • It is caused due to the failure of contraceptives applicable for all women and their partners.

A woman may or may not terminate her pregnancy only at the discretion of the medical practitioner. For pregnancies up to 12 weeks of conception, one doctor needs to give consent, and for pregnancies from 12 to 20 weeks, consent is needed from two doctors.

Qualified Gynaecologists for safe medical termination of pregnancy

Gynaecologists with experience have the ability to listen, understand and provide a suitable solution to the unwanted pregnancy. Expert treatment options are offered after a careful examination. A thorough diagnosis helps in achieving the best possible results of safe MTP. Gynaecologists at Chennai abortion clinic meet the following criteria to offer safe and legal medical termination of pregnancy.

  • A medical qualification recognized by the Indian medical council act
  • The doctor’s name is entered in the State Medical Register
  • Has vast experience in gynaecology and obstetrics as per the MTP Rules

Certified safe and legal MTP facility provider

  • Hygienic place and safety measures for performing MTP in an infection controlled environment are the primary determinants that approve the abortion care center.
  • Prevention of infection includes high-quality sterilization of tools, use of protective barriers, safe washing and cleaning, sanitization of contact surfaces safe handling and disposal of waste, and more.
  • Infrastructure with the latest technology, advanced laboratory services, and adequate staff ensure to provide a safe and effective solution.
  • Quality trained staff and equipped emergency facilities to provide quality MTP services are the highlights of the efficient abortion clinic.
  • As an approved place for providing quality MTP services, guidelines pertaining to equipment, facilities, drugs, and referral linkages to higher facilities in accordance with the MTP act are strictly followed.

Pre MTP care at Chennai Abortion Clinic

To establish that the woman is really pregnant is the foremost requisite before starting any procedure. The next important step is to estimate the duration of the pregnancy and confirm if the pregnancy is intrauterine. The third step involves the critical factor of selecting the method of termination most suitable to the duration of the pregnancy. Pre abortion care also

Medical history – trained and competent staff to take the woman’s medical history.

Physical examination – bimanual pelvic and abdominal examination by the doctor to accurately assess pregnancy and its duration.

Laboratory testing – is necessary when typical signs of pregnancy may not be clearly presented and the provider is unsure whether the woman is pregnant in order not to hinder or delay pregnancy termination.

Ultrasound scanning – The facility of a scan within the center helps to identify an intrauterine pregnancy and exclude pregnancy. It also helps determine the accurate gestational age and diagnose pathologies or non-viability of a pregnancy.

Reproductive tract infections – clinical signs indicating infection are treated immediately with antibiotics before an abortion is performed.

Information and counseling – sharing appropriate content of information and counseling given to the pregnant woman help her to consider the options before initiating the procedure.

Post MTP care at Chennai Abortion Clinic – Following safe, induced termination of pregnancy, post-abortion care generally does not require a follow-up visit as the below services are offered:

  • Medication for pain management for both medical and surgical procedures are offered and provided without delay whenever needed.
  • Following the procedure of medical or surgical termination, women are given contraceptive information and if desired the contraceptive method is provided.
  • Oral and written instructions of self-care on returning home are offered. These instructions include how much bleeding can be expected, signs to recognize potential complications, and emergency contact details to seek help if required.

The need for a safe and legal MTP center

MTP is one of the safest and common medical procedures. But, complications that can happen with careless and negligent ways of service can put the health and life of the pregnant woman in danger. Such complications include:

  • the procedure doesn’t work and pregnancy doesn’t end
  • pregnancy tissues remain in the uterus
  • blood clots form inside the uterus
  • nonstop heavy bleeding
  • reproductive tract infection
  • injury to organs such as the cervix, uterus, or the tubes
  • allergic reaction to the medication
When abortion is performed by appropriately trained personnel under modern medical conditions, these complications can be avoided. To successfully terminate the unwanted pregnancy without the risks, the need of the hour is to choose the right MTP center with stringent safety measures and that follows legal norms.