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How do you prepare for an Abortion?

Abortions are both common and safe but the decision to have an abortion, either comes with intense emotions such as feeling conflicted and nervous or mostly feeling neutral. It is always good to know a few things about the procedure that may be helpful to ensure that the process of legal abortion services in Chennai is smooth and in being prepared to face the recovery period. Preparing for an abortion involves doing things physically, emotionally and logistically.

Educate yourself on the abortion procedures

Medical abortion is most often the preferred choice because it is less invasive than surgical methods. Medical abortion seems less clinical because the procedure mimics a natural miscarriage. However, it is possible only when the pregnancy is not more than 10 weeks of gestation. For pregnancies that are further along than that, or for women with certain contraindications such as being on blood thinners, a surgical abortion may be needed.

Medical Abortion– The most common method of taking abortion pills, involves two steps. The first step is to take a pill that blocks the hormone progesterone, a hormone that typically thickens the uterine lining to support a pregnancy. Thereby, the medication prevent the embryo from growing. The second pill which is taken 24 to 48 hours after the first pill is to induce induces contractions that help in emptying the uterus. Cramping and bleeding is usually experienced typically for few hours after the second pill, as the pregnancy and the uterine lining that would have supported it are passed. Symptoms like nausea, vomiting, fever, chills, diarrhoea and headache may occur, varying on how far along was the pregnancy and on how the body works. A week to two after the abortion, a follow-up visit to the safe abortion clinic in Chennai is recommended to ensure all the tissue is expelled out of the uterus. If abortion was incomplete, another dose of the second pill may be prescribed to complete the abortion, or the possibility of surgical intervention may be considered to complete the abortion.

Surgical Abortion– Surgical procedure for abortion can be more effective and it takes just 5 to 20 minutes for the abortion to take place. Surgical abortion is the choice for some, because it can be done and over within just few minutes. A surgical abortion involves removing the foetus and placenta from the uterus, using suction device and other medical tools. A surgical abortion will be performed under local or general anaesthesia, depending on factors like the gestational age and mother’s medical history. Pain medication is usually prescribed during surgical abortion but cramping may be experienced that subsides with time. Bleeding, cramping or spotting for few days after a surgical abortion is normal.

Remember that abortion is a safe medical procedure

Abortion is one of the safest medical procedures especially when it is performed in the first 13 weeks of pregnancy. Safest abortion options are performed under the care of a specialist at safe abortion services in Chennai, where specific situation and concerns may be discussed and sorted out. Online abortion remedies should be avoided as they could be very dangerous. Medical abortion procedures are safer than pregnancy which is attached with more health risks than abortion for the average person. The reason to this, according to the 2012 study in obstetrics and gynaecology is in a larger extent, because the longer the gestational period, the higher risk for complications that could be potentially life-threatening, such as preeclampsia that are most likely to present later in pregnancy.

Plan your journey to the best abortion treatment hospital

Abortion cost varies widely depending on a number of factors that include abortion method, gestational duration, the abortion specialist, location and availability of insurance coverage. Arrangements on the finances, how exactly to go, when to be there, and how to travel are important in preparing to reach the centre for legal abortion services in Chennai. For a medical abortion, it is not mandatory to have anyone along for the appointment, but it can be a good choice to have a supportive friend, partner or family member who is calm and supportive of the decision, while waiting for the procedure. After a surgical abortion, one may feel drowsy from the sedative or anaesthetic and driving back home or using public transport alone is not advisable. Hence, if it is a surgical abortion, it is definitely required to have someone along to get back home after the procedure.

Stock up on essentials for after the abortion

Having everything that is needed while going to the clinic for abortion would be helpful. During a medical abortion and after a surgical procedure, heavy bleeding, spotting and other symptoms can last a few days or even weeks. It would be necessary to keep stock of some supplies that may be required during and after the procedure.

  • medical notes, referral letters or reports relating to the abortion
  • routine medications
  • payment needs such as cash/card or other options
  • sanitary pads that are suitable for heavy flow. It is important to note that insertable sanitary wares like tampons or menstrual cups are advisable after abortion as a precaution to avoid infection.
  • comfortable underwear and clothing
  • glass case or contact lens kit should be carried as it would be required to take them out for the surgical procedure
  • books, magazines or music can be a good distraction while waiting for the procedure or after the surgical termination until discharge.

Take emotional health support

Abortion can bring relieved feelings but it is also possible to have a mix of emotions. People with pre-existing mental illness such as anxiety or depression are more prone to having difficulty in coping with terminating an unplanned pregnancy. Looking for a counsellor to comfortably talk about  abortion and ways to cope with issues can be supportive in relieving mental stress and help in recovering faster. Safe abortion services in Chennai provide many other resources for mental support in women undergoing abortion.