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Abortion Stigma- The Main Cause of Unsafe Abortions

The medical procedure used to end a pregnancy is known as an abortion. Pregnancy can be terminated surgically or medically, depending on how many weeks have passed since conception.

While abortions are a sensitive topic to discuss, people living in places with strict legal restrictions or areas with limited resources are compelled to have unsafe abortions. This can be disastrous and occasionally lead to fatal consequences. Thus, it is significant to visit Safe abortion services in Chennai which provides safe and effective abortion.

Abortion Stigmas:

  • The stigma associated with abortion is a result of societal attitudes and beliefs. It is the belief that abortion is unethical and unaccepted by society.
  • Even though unsafe abortions are stigmatized in every society, this stigma is often exacerbated by many other nations’ cultures, beliefs, and religious practices. For instance, abortion is prohibited and regarded as sinful by many religions. Additionally, while some people believe it should be a woman’s right to choose what to do with her body, others believe abortion is morally wrong. This debate often pits religious beliefs against the rights of the mother.
  • Women who want abortions must contend with conventional beliefs such as the notion that sexual activity should only be done for reproductive purposes and that they should maintain sexual purity at all times.

Stigma and its impacts:

These constricting notions support the stigma associated with abortion. They cause both internal and external implications for women. The internal impacts are those that the women may undergo depression or low self-esteem. Feelings of embarrassment, guilt, worry, and melancholy are some of the further consequences. Internalized anti-abortion feelings might lead to serious mental health problems.

If the women discuss their abortions, there may be external consequences in smaller communities. They could, for instance, face rejection from their loved ones, spouses, or even friends.

The negative consequences of abortion stigma extend beyond the women to the medical professionals who prescribe abortion drugs. In many cultures, doctors and other healthcare professionals are not treated rightly. As a result, doctors who perform abortions can face many societal problems. One of the biggest problems that doctors face is backlash from anti-abortion activists.

How one can deal with such stigma?

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the stigma surrounding abortion tends to negatively impact everyone who is around it when discussing abortion challenges. To stop a pregnancy, an abortion entails either taking medicine or undergoing surgery. Yet these stigmas prevent women from opting for the right procedure.

Therefore, healthcare professionals and individuals must opt to create awareness about safe and healthy abortions for women. There are Safe Abortion Clinic in Chennai that provides safe abortion, and women must seek a chance to perform a safe abortion without fear of retaliation, ridicule, or stigma.

Also, women must visit Legal Abortion services in Chennai which can guide them rightfully. While it may take years for society to change the perception to allow women to decide freely about abortion. However, whether religious or societal, it is time everyone must discuss abortion more pragmatically.