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Things to avoid during 2nd Trimester of your pregnancy

The Don’ts in 2nd Trimester Pregnancy

Don’t sleep on your back

Sleeping on your back can cause your uterus to press on your spine and major blood vessels. This can cause lower back pain, shortness of breath, and block the blood flow to your baby. Hence it is best advised to sleep on your left side. You can even use a pillow between your legs or below your stomach to keep the legs slightly apart and give some support to your tummy. Here are six ways to help you sleep well during pregnancy.

Don’t wear high heels

Who doesn’t love to wear a pair of stilettos? As your pregnancy progresses avoid wearing high heels because with increase in your weight and change in your body shape the centre of gravity also changes. This can make it harder for you to walk steadily increasing your risk of a fall. It is advisable to wear comfortable sandals or shoes with proper arch support.

Avoid unsafe sports

The second trimester is the time when your belly starts getting bigger. High-impact sports like tennis, football, basketball, horse riding, etc. can put you at a risk of a fall or hard blow to your belly. Hence, it’s sensible to avoid such unsafe sports. You can, however, continue to play non-contact sports like swimming, etc.

Don’t smoke, Don’t drink alcohol and lastly Don’t get stressed!

Abnormal stress which makes you sad and unhappy should be avoided. High levels of stress can affect the unborn baby’s health. Depression could also harm your baby.

Stress and depression stimulate the production of certain chemicals and hormones in your body that can constrict blood vessels and decrease oxygen supply to the uterus and affect your baby’s growth.

Don’t take any medication unless necessary

Medicines taken by you can cross the placenta and enter the bloodstream of your baby. Hence it’s best to know the safety of any medications you’re taking during pregnancy.