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Top Sex Position and Tips to Get Pregnant after Abortion

Feeling fit mentally, emotionally and physically ready to get pregnant again are the cues for getting pregnant after an abortion. Eating healthy, sleeping well, staying stress free and keeping physically fit, increase the chances for the couple to achieve pregnancy at the desired time. It is suggested to couples waiting to have sex depending on the abortion method, for at least two weeks to a month from the time of abortion to help reduce the risk of infection that may complicate pregnancy. If any complications may arise following an abortion, it would be wise to consult the gynaecologist and wait until recovery.

Having regular sexual intercourse and timing around fertile days can ensure the couple working towards achieving pregnancy. It is recommended to have sexual intercourse twice or three times a week in order to increase the chances of fertilization especially during the ovulation days of the woman’s menstrual cycle. Ovulation days can be tracked with the help of a ovulation calendar, observing vaginal discharge or the basal body temperature.

There is no scientific evidence that suggests one sex position better than the other for achieving pregnancy. Though there is no scientific proof of certain sex positions favoring easy and fast conception, it is believed that positions that are against the gravity such as standing positions, sitting positions or the woman on top of her partner position may not allow the sperm from traveling up against gravity. Whereas sex positions in line with the gravitational flow of semen through the female reproductive tract can increase the chances of conception. There are certain sex positions that may be particularly better than other positions in allowing for deeper penetration for bringing sperm in closer proximity to the cervix and facilitating the sperms to find their way up to the egg. Few of such favorable sex positions for faster pregnancy after abortion are :

  • Missionary position is one of the common sex positions where the woman lies on her back while the man is on top during the sexual intercourse. This position is popular for getting pregnant as the sperm is deposited closer to the cervix in the upper vagina, facilitating easy access to the uterine and cervical canal.
  • Triangle position is similar to the missionary position but is slightly different where the woman lies on her back with the man on all fours above her. The woman’s pelvis is raised higher from the bed and her legs are wrapped around her partner. The triangle position allows deeper penetration and increases the chances of conception.
  • Dog style position requires the female partner to be on her fours as the man penetrates the woman from behind. This position allows the cervix to open up for deeper penetration and makes it easy for the sperms to reach the egg.
  • Mountain position is a variant where the man bends and leans over the woman such that the woman’s back is against his chest while the woman rests her upper body over cushions or pillows for balance and support. The position is effective in helping the woman achieve an orgasm and allows faster and deeper movement of sperm.
  • Anvil position is slightly different from missionary pose. The woman while laying on her back raises her legs above her head. The raised legs help in access and stimulation of the woman’s G-spot. It offers good chances of conceiving because of deep penetration.
  • Spooning position is an effective position that allows the woman’s cervix to be angled at 90 degrees and provides better accessibility to the sperm as the woman lies to her side and the man penetrates from behind.
  • Butterfly position happens with the woman lying on the table requiring the man to be standing in front and raise her hips during sexual intercourse. This seems to be one of the best and most effective positions as it allows the sperm to stay in the woman’s vagina for longer.
  • Sphinx Position requires the woman to lie on her stomach with one leg bent wide to the side and the other straight. The man penetrates her from behind supporting himself on his forearms. This is meant to be an excellent position for conception as it allows deep penetration.

Other positions that may add some variety to every day sex routines are the plough position, splitting bamboo position and wolf position which augment the ability of the sperms to travel down and fertilize the eggs.

Tips for pregnancy after abortion –The woman may continue staying in bed lying down on her back at least for another 30 minutes after having sex.

  • Keeping the legs raised in the air for few minutes after sex.
  • Placing a pillow under the lower back will also keep the sperms moving in the right direction.
  • Changing sexual positions could bring renewed excitement into sex life, enhance emotional/relationship goals and improve pregnancy rates as well. For instance, the man-on-top position for intercourse might be better for getting pregnant, but woman-on-top may be more pleasurable, then to switch to man-on-top from woman-on-top just before ejaculation may be considered.
  • If a particular position is more of an interest for the couple, that may boost fertility. While the actual position may not directly influence the chances of conception, how that position feels for the couple to continue sex can lead to fertility.
  • Longer foreplay and a higher level of sexual arousal before ejaculation can increase chances of faster conception.
  • Besides male ejaculation, taking time to reach female orgasm that occurs just before, during or sometime after the male partner ejaculates are known to increase pregnancy rates.
  • Positions and sexual acts that allow extra female stimulation have been shown to be better for getting pregnant.
  • Researchers found that performing cunnilingus help increased chances of pregnancy.

Fertilization of the egg by the sperm can happen in almost any vaginal intercourse position if there is no underlying fertility problems with either of the partners. Sex when trying to conceive can begin to feel like a chore and may bring in boredom. To overcome such mundane feelings of sexual life that may hamper the couple’s chances of getting pregnant after abortion, trying different positions of sexual intercourse that add variety to sexual pleasure and excitement can be considered. For couples with repeated failures in trying to achieve pregnancy, it is advised to consult a gynaecologist to rule out any possible medical condition.