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The Importance of Pre-Abortion Counselling

Pre-abortion Counselling:

Pre-abortion counselling is done to make sure that the patient is able to give their informed consent to an abortion. The patient is given enough information so that they understand the nature and purpose of the procedure. The generalized information shared with the patient is a summary of the diagnosis, treatment and post-abortion care that the healthcare provider will do for them. The information given is not specific to the individual patient but applies to all or at the very least, the majority of patients. 

The patient is considered to be able to give informed consent under certain conditions:

  • The patient possesses the capacity to make decisions about their care
  • They have voluntarily participated in the decisions must be voluntary
  • They must be provided adequate and appropriate information


Benefits of Pre-abortion Counselling:

Many women who get pregnant consider abortion as an option. However, before they decide to go through with it they may have some doubts. They might believe that abortion is immoral or dangerous.

By speaking to a counsellor they can learn about the procedure and clear their doubts and questions. By learning all the facts of abortion they can decide whether or not they want to have one. During the counselling, the patient’s medical conditions are also examined. All options for pregnancy are discussed. 

The abortion procedure is explained to her. The pre-abortion and post-abortion phases are also discussed with her so that she understands the entire process. The woman will be informed of any possible complications that may occur after her abortion. She will be taught how to prevent any future pregnancies. All legal requirements are made known to her as well so that she knows her legal rights.


Why Pre-Abortion Counselling is Important:

An unplanned pregnancy can be incredibly stressful and anxiety-inducing for a woman. If she goes to a pre-abortion counsellor, they will be able to reduce her stress and improve her anxiety. They will help her make a choice about whether or not to have an abortion. If you are one such woman, come to the Chennai Abortion Clinic, where we have many expert pre-abortion counsellors who can calm you down and relax you. Pre-abortion counselling is one of the several safe abortion services in Chennai that we are known for.