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The Facts About Abortion and Mental Health

The Effect of Abortion on Mental Health:

Research has shown that women who have an abortion experience changes in their mental health. Abortions can cause several harmful effects on mental health. 

These are the negative effects that abortion has on mental health:

  • Depression:

Many women who have an abortion experience depression. This can be because the individual had to abort the foetus even though they actually wanted the baby. Women who get abortions may also become depressed due to the stigma surrounding abortion and the lack of social support.

  • Anxiety:

Studies have shown that almost half of all women who have abortions suffer from anxiety disorders. This anxiety may continue for a few months or even for a year or two after an abortion.

  • Guilt:

Some women may feel guilt after an abortion. This is because they believe abortion to be immoral.

  • Alcoholism and drug addiction:

There is some evidence that shows that women who have abortions are more likely to become addicted to alcohol or drugs. These are coping mechanisms for the other mental health issue that they may suffer from.


How to Protect Mental Health After an Abortion:

Women who have had an abortion are recommended to take care of their mental health. They can see counsellors, therapists, speak to their partner, friends and family. 

A healthcare professional can diagnose mental health disorders and prescribe the correct medication for the patient. They will advise on how long to stay on the antibiotics that they were given before their abortion and will help them form a proper diet to recover from the procedure. 

A counsellor or therapist can help assuage any negative feelings related to abortion. They can help women who had abortions reduce their feelings of anxiety and depression by removing their guilt for having an abortion. Therapists can prevent these women from succumbing to destructive behaviours like alcoholism and substance abuse. 

It is important for these women to speak to people in their life such as their partner, friends and family. These people can prevent such women from feeling isolated and can keep them occupied during this difficult time.


The Importance of Qualified Doctors for Your Abortion:

Abortion is a medical procedure that will have a strong impact on your mental health. Therefore, you need to go to only the best clinics and hospitals for your abortion. The Chennai Abortion Clinic is one such clinic. We have the highest-qualified abortion doctors in Chennai. They will help you preserve your mental health by making sure you don’t suffer from depression, anxiety or any other issues.