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Abortion and Fertility - Myths from Facts
  How Abortion Affects Fertility: Having an abortion does not usually affect your ability to get pregnant again at a
Birth Control Options After Abortion
Can You Get Pregnant After an Abortion? Irrespective of the type of abortion that you have, be it a surgical
Abortion and Mental Health
The Effect of Abortion on Mental Health: Research has shown that women who have an abortion experience changes in their
Pre Abortion Counselling
Pre-abortion Counselling: Pre-abortion counselling is done to make sure that the patient is able to give their informed consent to
Progesterone Side Effects
What is Progesterone? There are several hormones that play an important role in the female reproductive system. One of them
Abortion and Pregnancy Loss
What is a Pregnancy Loss? Pregnancy loss is the death of a foetus at any time during a pregnancy. It
Risks and Complications of Abortion
How Abortions are Done: There are different types of procedures for abortions. Some abortions are done through medication and others
Abortion Myths and Facts
What You Should Know About Abortion: Abortion is legal in India. It must be carried out by gynaecologists or other
Abortion and Pregnancy Options
Your Options When You Are Pregnant: If you have the following issues, you may be pregnant, shortness of breath, frequent