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Guidelines To Follow During Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

Third Trimester Pregnancy guidelines

Take care of yourself

These three months are not only vital for your child, but also for you. And luckily, the more you take care of yourself, the more you take care of the baby.

Right now, you might not be able to do as much as you used to. If your feet are swollen, put them up. If you need rest, avoid late night plans. Use the weekends to rest, read and take a long warm bath.

Treat your body like a temple

The third trimester is when you see the dramatic changes in your body. The harder it works to nourish and protect your baby, the more it needs to be pampered. So, go get a long massage, pedicures, manicures and the like. If you feel good, so will your baby!

Practise your posture

Because of the extra weight you’re carrying during your third trimester, your back and hips can often ache and feel sore. To ease your pain, make sure your back is straight when you sit; use a chair with good support. At night, sleep with a pillow between your legs. Wear low-heeled shoes with good arch support.

Stay hydrated

It’s a good practice to stay hydrated daily, but it’s especially important during your pregnancy. Proper hydration helps your cells regenerate, helps in circulation and maintains a steady blood supply to the baby’s amniotic fluid. Mix it up with healthy fruit juices, coconut water or eating water-rich vegetables like cucumber.

Watch out for heartburn

As your baby grows bigger and bigger it will start to push up your organs, which can lead to heartburn and acid reflux. To combat this, try eating several smaller meals during the day.

Leaving your stomach a little emptier than a full meal will calm the acidity down.

Eat Well

Your third-trimester diet should be full of fresh fruits, folate (spinach, lentils, and orange juice), calcium (milk, yogurts, cheese, and tofu), fiber (cereals, nuts, and seeds), and protein (fish, soy, eggs, lentils and peanut butter).

Exercise Carefully

Exercise is vital during the third trimester of pregnancy – it’s full of benefits like cardiovascular fitness, improved moods, and weight control.

Indulge in third-trimester exercises like jogging (don’t start jogging during your third trimester, but keep it up if it is a long time habit), swimming is another great form of exercise (but make sure you stay hydrated as it can dehydrate you). The important point to remember is to not strain yourself, so go for low-key exercises like Yoga.

Buy a Supportive Bra

During your last trimester, until you go into labor, your breasts will continue to increase (often by almost 2 pounds). Pick up a supportive bra so that your chest is adequately supported. This will also ensure that your back doesn’t have to take the strain of extra weight.

Prepare for Braxton Hicks

Towards the last few weeks of pregnancy, you might feel mild contractions. This is just your uterus preparing for labour. If you drink water and rest your feet, these Braxton Hicks contractions will fade. However, if the contractions get more intense, and the duration between them gets smaller, do visit a doctor.

Pack Your Hospital Bag

Towards the end of your pregnancy, pack everything you need, for the labour, in a bag – this can include extra pillows, any of your preferred hygiene products, maternity pads and a camera. When you do start to feel contractions you’ll be able to go to the hospital without further delay.