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Abortion and Fertility: Separating Myths from Facts


How Abortion Affects Fertility:

Having an abortion does not usually affect your ability to get pregnant again at a later time. Abortion is a safe and healthy procedure.

However there are rare instances where an abortion causes infertility. This can happen if the woman undergoing the abortion has certain risk factors related to abortions. These include being 35+ years in age, smoking, alcohol consumption, etc, that can create complications. Here are some complications that can arise from risky abortions:

  • Bleeding: 

You may suffer from bleeding after an abortion. 

  • Incomplete abortion:

This happens when tissue or other products of conception remain in the uterus. You may need further medical procedures to remove the remaining tissue. 

  • Injury to organs: 

Unfortunately, sometimes a doctor may unintentionally injure nearby organs during an abortion. This may have an effect on your fertility.


The Myth of Abortion Induced Infertility:

There is a common myth that an abortion can cause infertility but this is not the truth. Research into abortions shows that they do not increase one’s chances of having any fertility issues in the future. It has also been proven that women who have an abortion are not more likely to need in vitro fertilization later in life.


Should You Avoid an Abortion due to Fear of Infertility?

Should You Avoid an Abortion due to Fear of Infertility? There is no risk of infertility due to abortion. If you want to get an abortion, you should get it and not fear infertility. But ultimately, it is your choice, and no one can pressure you to make it. For guidance and support, you can consider visiting a Chennai Abortion Clinic, one of the safest abortion centres in Chennai, where you can seek suggestions and make informed decisions about your reproductive health.